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Land & Sea Boats Still Life Latest Work

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‘Midsummer Durgan’, Watercolour, 27 x 37 cm

‘The Artist’s Garden’, Watercolour, 35 x 52 cm

‘Standing on the Red Harbour’,
Watercolour, 27 x 37 cm

‘Sailing Past Durgan’, Watercolour, 37 x 27 cm

‘Spider Crab’, Mixed Media, 27 x 37 cm

‘Creek Colours’ Mixed Media, 36 x 27 cm
‘Three Mackerel’, Watercolour, 28 x 54 cm

‘Across the Cove’, Watercolour, 48 x 35 cm

‘Juicy Red Apples’ Watercolour, 35 x 48 cm

‘Cove Colours’, Watercolour, 35 x 53 cm

‘Winter Storm’, Gouache, 36 x 39 cm

‘Above the Creek’, Watercolour, 27 x 37 cm

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